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Component photographs and official report on ZS-OEZ  (Nationwide flight CE723)

When I wrote my article about the accident to Nationwide Airlines flight CE723, I submitted illustrations and other images detailing the failed components as identified in the CAA report.

I publish these images here for those wishing to see these items as they were not included in the published article.

A full description of the flight and the subsequent investigation is in my forthcoming book Perfect Storms

For those who are interested, I am also placing the PDF of the CAA report as imade public here.

To read the CAA report, click here

Below are the images of the failed components as well as photographs provided by Fanie Grobler, the tower controller on duty on the day of the accident.

These are the components of the engine mounting system illustrated in the CAA report which were retrieved from the aircraft and engine.


The two long items are thrust links The front engine mounting is shown below the links and the fracture in the mount is clear to see. (Within large red circle). This failure was as a consequence of the failure of the aft cone bolt shown within the smaller red circle to the right. The silver item above this is the isolation mount referred to in the CAA report.

The two itmes above the tape measure are the forward cone mounting bolts.

It is important to make mention of the fact that many, false rumours were circulated in the media after the accident alleging that counterfeit or sub-standard parts were fitted to the aircraft. This is NOT true and all items were found to be fully to the manufacturer specification and fully documented as to their origin.

The following two images show the front mounting bracket portion and a cone bolt in-situ on the recovered engine the day after the accident.



This is the image of the underwing area after the accident from the CAA report.