To get in touch regarding legitimate enquiries about my work, blogs or to make use of any of my services, please use the address provided below without spaces and place the @ symbol where the triangulated brackets and the word "at" appear. Replace the (dot) text with a full-stop.

The address is written in the format below to prevent automated harvesting by web-bots, companies and individuals that believe access to the internet and an e-mail application gives them an automatic right to send messages to anyone they can even though they have not been invited to do so.

I am alsp on Twitter: @markdyoungsa

Read this first before sending any E-mail into this domain.

You may not use this mail address to send any unsolicited commercial mail into this network. If you do, steps will be taken in terms of the law (and no matter where you live there are laws that govern the abuse of e-mail) to stop you doing so again and/or prosecute you to the fullest extent possible.

Such steps will include action via the internet and its regulatory bodies and/or criminal charges and civil litigation. Making use of this mail address for any unsolicited commercial mail and/or invitations to join your professional/social network or page implies your understanding and acceptance of the consequences of such unauthorised use which may include, but not be limited to, any of the following:

1. An immediate complaint of abuse to your ISP and hosting service provider.
2. The blacklisting of your address on international watch lists (which means your mail will not be routed by most world-wide ISPs) which will make the planet a silent place for you as regards electronic communications.
3. The laying of a criminal charge where appropriate.
4. Issue of a summons for costs incurred in tracking you and removing this address from your mail lists and any others you may have caused it to be listed upon for which purposes any unauthorised use of this mail address will also be deemed to be your consent to the jurisdiction of the small claims and/or magistrate's court jurisdiction over any dispute, held in the district of Pinetown, Kwazulu/Natal, South Africa.

In short, this address is not now, has never been, nor will ever be, an opt-in address to anything! Do not pass it on to your friends for their promotions, sales pitches or any other purpose except for them to contact the website administrator for legitimate purposes relating to the site and content. Do not use it for anything other than the use for which it is intended.

For the avoidance of doubt, invitations to Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and other similar nagging entities, chain-mails, appeals to assist the last surviving mud-toad in Patagonia, to help someone reach amythical world record of greeting cards (or similar letters relating to any appeal) will all be considered as unsolicited mail.

 Thank you.

If you are happy that your message is legitimate and constitutes a valid use of the mail address, then here it is. Please note, however, that I am not a persistently connected person. Mail is dealt with at set times each day so do not send more than one message within any 48 hour period on the same topic - you will usually get an answer within this time-frame.

captain < at > flight level 42 (dot) co (dot) za

Snail mail:

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H i l l c r e s t

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