The Olympus E-3 Power User's Guide (ISBN 978 062 042 820 0)


Front and rear covers of the Olympus E-3 Power User's Guide - 108 Pages. (Published 2008)

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This book gives you the benefit of my (and many other photographers') experiences in using the E-3 in the field, at the sharp end of earning a living with it on a daily basis. 

It has a thorough explanation of the layout of the camera and purpose of each control. All the menus are explained in detail and there are many power user tips throughout the book where I and others offer ideas for best practice or shortcuts that make using the camera easier or which release the best performance of the machine.

Some of the more advanced concepts of flash photography and control use are also explained. It is assumed, however, that you know your F-Stops from your Shutter speeds and other basics of photography. The book is not an introduction to photographic concepts. It is, however, a tool to release the hidden potential of your E-3 (and even the newer E-5 has a lot in common with it as well.)

GET THE BOOK FREE!  I am making this book available for free to anyone who wants a copy (i.e. It is hereby placed in the public domain). 

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